Course Catalog

Culver Summer Schools & Camps - Course Catalog

Class selection stays online for 2014, but we have worked to streamline the process and make it more user-friendly. You will provide Culver with an electronic list of desired classes, in order of preference. Your selections will be merged with any required classes, and scheduled based on class availability. We do have many popular classes that reach capacity quickly, schedules will be processed in the order in which we receive your $500 deposit. Here you will find a list of the courses we intend to offer, along with brief descriptions. You will see that this online catalog is divided into Woodcraft and Upper Schools. Once you and your camper have decided on the courses you want, you can visit the Summer Pre-Camp Registration page to submit your requests.

New for 2014

There are a few changes in 2014 for both Woodcraft Camp and Upper Schools regarding class selection and class schedules.  Both camps are transitioning to a standard Monday through Friday class schedule, with Saturday mornings reserved for unit sports competitions.  Upper Schools will add an optional 7th class period which will meet on Monday and Wednesday evenings and offer an additional opportunity for students to sign up for our most popular classes, such as Skeet, Rifle, Water Ski, etc. Please note that signing up for the 7th class period will occur after camp starts and therefore will not be part of the online class selection process.

Mission Statement

Culver Summer Schools & Camps educates campers for leadership and responsible citizenship in society by developing and nurturing the whole individual and mind, spirit and body through an integrated curriculum that emphasizes the cultivation of character.


The Culver Summer Schools & Camps' environment is unique. It is a fun-filled, naturally beautiful setting where young people may develop positive self-esteem through accomplishment and discipline. It is a supportive environment for learning leadership skills that improve personal confidence.

Character development is the focus. The goal of the Summer Schools & Camps is to teach self-discipline, personal responsibility, fairness, appreciation for diversity, respect for self and others - the characteristics upon which personal honor is built.

Culver Summer Schools & Camps is organized around a distinctive military system that fosters leadership. Woodcraft, Naval, Troop, Aviation and Upper Camp Girls' programs all incorporate this system to provide hands-on, practial leadership training and experience for both boys and girls. 

The Culver staff is committed to the spirtual development of boys and girls through personal reflection, individual counseling, small-group experiences, and participation in religious services. 

The interactive Culver experience provides an opportunity for developing lifetime interests. Instruction, competition, and extracurricular events develop the mind, character, spirit, and body of young people of varied skills and experience levels.


Culver Summer Schools & Camps is designed to give young people an opportunity to learn by experience that being a leader involves more than merely giving orders. Leadership is also about listening and understanding, and about following. 
Culver believes that leadership can be taught. Culver is a challenging experience and through participation in athletic competitions, inspections, unit drills, parades, ceremonies, and numerous other activities, campers observe and participate in leadership behaviors that build character and confidence. Living together, learning to accept unit responsibilities, working with each other, and participating in camp activities ranging from cabin and unit duties to setting standards for personal appearance and behavior all contribute significantly to building interpersonal and leadership skills. 


Culver Summer Schools & Camps is accredited by the American Camp Association, which is the leading organization in child development and preserving the camp experience. The ACA sets the benchmark for camps to provide the highest safety, programmatic, administrative, and developmental standards in the industry. Culver is honored to have held this accreditation since 1959.