Homecoming Parents Weekend

What is Homecoming Parents Weekend? 
Come join us for Homecoming Weekend 2021 at Culver Summer Schools & Camps. Throughout the weekend there will be various events for alumni, family, and friends of all ages. There will be a few events specific to returning alumni and guests, however many of the events are open to all parents. Please check the tentative schedule to see what events you may be interested in attending. 

How do I register as a parent? 

Registration is open to parents, alumni and guests. All registrants will receive a printed name tag to wear for the weekend. 
Click here to register your family for the event
PLEASE NOTE: Registration will close July 4th at midnight EST. 
If you are unable to register online, registration will be available in the Great Hall in Sally Port when you arrive on campus Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

Homecoming Parents Weekend FAQ's
When should we arrive for Homecoming Parents Weekend?
As a parent, we welcome you on campus Friday through Sunday. However, if you are not interested in attending classes with your child on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days to visit. You will be able to spend the most amount of time with you child during those days.
Are we encouraged to attend classes on Friday?
We welcome all parents and family members to attend classes and activities throughout the day on Friday. We ask that you respect the rules set by the class instructors to allow your child to get the most out of that class day.
Your camper’s class schedules and maps are provided at Homecoming Parents Weekend registration in the Great Hall.
I have younger family members, can they participate in the classes?
No, for liability reasons younger family members cannot participate in the classes, however, we welcome them to attend classes with their parents. If a younger sibling is interested in attending Culver in the future, we encourage them to schedule a shadow day on another weekend during the summer. If you are interested in signing up for a shadow day, please contact summer@culver.org.
This is our first summer with a camper. What activities are open for us on Homecoming – Alumni/Parents weekend?
You are welcome to participate in any of the weekend offerings. Of particular interest to you might be the ONE Culver Celebration and Dinner held lakeside on Saturday evening. This event will give you the opportunity to meet other Culver parents, talk with camp directors and staff and have a meal before heading over to Garrison Parade.
If you are interested in attending the ONE Culver dinner as a parent, we encourage you and your family to pre-register online here.

If I am attending as a ‘parent’ do I still need to register for homecoming? Do I register my camper?
We encourage you to register prior to arriving on campus for Homecoming Parents Weekend. You do not need to register your camper. All registrants will receive a nametag, registration gift and applicable event tickets. Camper class schedules will also be available up at registration on Friday if you are interested in attending class.
What are permit times? How is this weekend different than a regular permit?
Permit times on Homecoming Parents Weekend are the same as other weekends: Saturday from 12:00 – 5:00 pm and Sunday from 12:00- 7:00 pm. Please try to get your camper back on time from permit. All campers have obligations following permit time. For permit guidelines, please visit the Permit section of the Parent Guidebook.
There are also a number of special activities that will be offered for parents and alumni outside of those scheduled permit times. Please check the Homecoming Parents Weekend schedule for additional opportunities that will be available to you on campus.
Can my WC/UC child stay with me overnight?
No, there are no overnight permits for campers during camp. Campers must be signed in and out during the scheduled permit times.