Culver Summer Schools and Camp's electronics policy is simple to understand: NO CELL PHONES OR ANYTHING THAT CONNECTS TO THE INTERNET/WIFI.

We ask that our parents please help us enforce this policy. If you are personally dropping your children at Culver, PLEASE take their cell phone(s) with you. A summer student caught in possession of a cell phone has committed an honor code violation. Consequences for not adhering to our cellphone/any device that connects to the internet includes: capping or losing rank and/or privileges – this would be particularly true for upperclassmen, honor organization dismissal, additional TUXIS requirements.
For those campers arriving by air, we understand and fully expect parents to insist that their children carry a cell phone while they are traveling by themselves. We simply ask that you remind your children to surrender their cell phone to their counselor once you have received the phone call that they have arrived safely. Asking students for their cell phone/any device that connects to the internet is part of the student check-in process when they arrive to their assigned dorm/barracks.
Other electronic devices:
Music players, tablets, computers and cameras are among a list of electronic devices that campers tend to bring. As many of these devices have multiple functions, the rules tend to get a little fuzzy - and the last thing we want to do is build a lengthy list of various devices by brand and model numbers.

The best guideline that we can offer is this:

Any electronic device that has the ability to communicate, either through the Internet or Cellular data plans, is prohibited. Laptops and tablet computers are not allowed. Digital cameras are fine, as are many music players. Keep in mind, however, there are a number of music players, like the iPod Touch, that have Wi-Fi capability and can connect to the Internet - this type of device is not permitted.