Communicating with Your Camper

Culver communicates with parents primarily by e-mail. If you have any questions prior to the start of camp, you may send an e-mail to and a staff member will be back to you as soon as possible, usually within one business day. During camp, any e-mail with questions or concerns regarding your child will be sent directly to his/her counselor. The counselor e-mail addresses will not be activated until the start of camp and will be available to you at registration.
Bunk 1
Stay in touch with your child all summer by viewing daily photos and writing one-way e-mails. You will need a credit card to pay the registration fee. For more information about Bunk1, please call 800-216-9472.

Instructions to Register
Go to
RETURNING PARENTS will login using their email address and password set up last summer.
NEW PARENTS will click “New Here? Get Started” button and complete the basic form.
The Invitation Code for Culver is: 1902CULVER

Click here for the full instructions on how to get registered for Summer 2020
If you would like to send your Upper School student mail or a care package while he/she is at camp, you are welcome to do so. Culver recommends sending letters, books, pictures, magazines, or other non-food items. Post office box numbers will be available at registration. The address to send things to your camper is as follows:
Upper School Student’s Name
Culver Upper School
Deck or Unit
1300 Academy Rd
Culver, IN 46511
Land line phones are installed in hallway common areas for the students to make periodic outgoing calls during their free time. Calls within the United States and Canada no longer require a calling card; however, calling cards remain available for purchase in the Campus Bookstore for calls to other countries. 

In order to combat possible homesickness, please limit phone calls to five to ten minutes after the first two weeks of camp.  One of the greatest benefits our Culver students gain during their short six weeks living in the dorm/barracks is a sense of confidence that they can live independently.
What is the “best practice” for communicating with your child while he/she is at Culver? We suggest the following: 

  • Discuss the communication avenues available during the summer with your child prior to leaving and provide some convenient times (preferably after the first two weeks) when they might reach you. From a student schedule standpoint, this is usually on Saturday or Sunday afternoons when they have the most free time. Evenings just before TAPS (lights out) is generally not a good time as counselors are making announcements, or settling their group down and ensuring their needs are met before lights out. 

  • Out of consideration to others attempting to use the few phones available, agree to limit the calls to five to ten minutes.
  • Consider using Bunk1 to send family updates and communications. While this is generally a one-way communication vehicle from you to them, it allows them to maintain some connection to home when they have time to read the message. The Bunk 1 messages you send are not delivered immediately upon being sent but are typically distributed within 24-48 hours to the student. Therefore, any urgent or sensitive information should not be conveyed via Bunk 1.

  • Remind them that there are limited times computer labs are available when they can email you with their updates.

  • Teach them about the old-fashioned method of letter writing delivered or sent by the post office. Their Culver address will be: Child’s Name, Unit, 1300 Academy Road, Culver, Indiana 46511.

  • For you to address some concerns you may have, we have a Parent Liason office for both domestic and international parents staffed by individuals who are bilingual.
While the counselors are expected to spend the majority of their time with the students, they do have an office email and phone (provided at registration) should you need to reach them.
Please understand, though, that they may not always be immediately available as each counselor has over 35 students under their supervision to attend to at all times.