Upper School students have six 45-minute class periods per day, Monday through Friday. Four classes meet before lunch, and two classes meet after lunch. Some classes are considered "double period" classes, meeting for 90 minutes each day. Upper School classes are divided into three two-week trimesters. Most classes are a single trimester long, some academic classes may be two trimesters long, and all required Naval, Horsemanship and Aviation classes meet for all six weeks.  Please see the course description for further details. 

To see the course catalog below, please select the department of the class you are interested in from the drop-down menu. Scroll and select a course on the list to access the description of that course. 

Please Note: With the uncertainty of the precautions that may be necessary due to Covid 19, the weekly schedule, daily schedule, and course offerings are subject to change.

Upper School Course Catalog