Campers Missing Home

Missing family, pets and home is natural for children. Our staff is trained to work with campers on how to deal with their homesickness.
It is common for the first letters home to indicate traces of sadness. Several campers experience a short adjustment period at the beginning of camp. However, once they get into the routine, campers focus on the excitement of new friends, activities, and achievement. Your support of this normal process is critical to your child's success.

How can you help your child adjust to being away from home?

  • Begin at home and build up his/her excitement and pride about his/her independence. Review Culver’s website and videos to reinforce his/her excitement and interest. Explain the normal process of homesickness.
  • Set the goal of staying all six weeks. Do not tell your child that he/she can choose to come home or that you will pick him/her up if he/she is homesick – it sets him/her up for failure instead of success.
  • Practice overnights with family or friends to help first-time campers adjust to being away.
  • Send pictures of family and friends with your child to camp.
  • During camp, send upbeat, cheerful letters focusing on how much fun he/she is having and less on what he/she is missing at home.
Parents/Guardians Missing Campers

You may find it difficult to be away from your child for six weeks. Here are some tips:
  • Before your child leaves, make a list of goals you want to accomplish while he/she is away at camp, such as things you never had time for before now.
  • Write your child an encouraging letter or Bunk note.
  • Remind yourself about why you chose Culver – browse the website and watch the videos to remind you of the growth, development, and independence you want for your child.
  • Talk with another parent who has experienced the same feelings when their child left for the first time.
  • Take time for yourself. Just like your child is broadening his/her horizons, be sure to do the same so you can be re-energized when he/she arrives home with all of his/her stories.