Parent FAQs

How do I get to the Woodcraft campus?

Woodcraft is well-marked on the south side of Indiana 10, about 2 miles east of the four-way Culver intersection at Indiana 17. Woodcraft is just east of Indiana 117. It is about 7 miles west of U.S. 31 and roughly 3 miles north of Indiana 110.

Should my child bring special equipment since I don’t know if he/she has that class yet?

Yes, it is better to be prepared. Bring horseback riding or any other special sports equipment (hockey, golf, tennis, lacrosse, etc.) you may think your child will need.

Can I send my child a care package while he/she is at camp?

Yes. Your child’s address will be available to you at registration. Please feel free to send letters, pictures, magazines, books and other non-food items to them while they are at camp.

What time zone are you on?

Eastern Daylight Time - same as New York, Miami, and Indianapolis. Chicago observes Central Daylight Time and is one hour behind Culver.

Why do I have to pay a uniform deposit?

If your child is a first-year camper or returning (but new to Upper School), he/she is required to submit a uniform deposit. The uniform deposit is a close estimate of what an entire set of required uniforms will cost. Any unused uniform deposit will be applied to other charges on your account.

What prevents my child from using the uniform deposit on things he/she shouldn’t?

The uniform deposit is closed after the second day of camp and can only be used for necessary purchases, such as lost or destroyed clothing. You will receive a credit for the balance once camp is over.

What else should my child bring to camp that isn’t on the list?

Not required, but helpful include: a flashlight, bug spray, sun block, a container to take toiletry items to and from the showers, a journal, a baseball or other type of hat, a disposable camera, nail clippers and ping pong paddles or other low-tech entertainment items such as books.

Can I give my child hand-me down uniforms?

Absolutely, but if the clothing does not fit and cannot be altered by our Uniform Department, you will have to purchase new.

My child outgrew his/her jacket/sash/skirt; can it be altered?

Please bring the item to Registration on opening day. Our Uniform Department staff will look at it and determine if it can be altered. Regardless, all awards and patches will be transferred to the new item if necessary.

What is Culver’s dress code?

Campers must wear the proper uniform, have an appropriate haircut, wearing minimal or no jewelry and adhere to other guidelines established by the Directors.

Does my child do their own laundry?

No. Laundry services are included in the price of tuition. Laundry is collected and washed once per week.
Oh no! I just realized I forgot to pack: underwear, socks and/or toiletry items!

This is all available to purchase at Culver. Please remember that sheets and pillowcases will be included in the Linen Services and do not need to be brought to camp. 

Do international campers have to purchase Culver's medical insurance?

Yes. Information about the medical insurance is available in your camper's Parent Guidebook under Health Center.

Does my 9-year-old really need $350 in his/her PDA?

Every family is different but think of the PDA as six weeks of allowance you might give your child at home. There are occasional field trips and counselors do sometimes take campers out for pizza. Otherwise, this money will be used by your child to purchase toiletry items, fashion items such as Culver logo bags, banners, hats etc., some snacks and recreation items such as writing paper and ping pong paddles.

Can my child use their credit/debit card while at camp?

The Culver ID card may be used to purchase items at the Campus Store. Debit/credit/ATM cards may only be used by campers enrolled in Upper School.

Is there an ATM on campus?

Culver has two automatic teller machines (ATMs) on campus, maintained by 1st Source Bank. One is located in Sally Port at Main Guard and a second at the Lay Student Center. The ATMs are for the exclusive use of Culver patrons. Culver ID cards are not accepted by the ATMs. There is a $1.75 transaction fee for non-1st Source account holders. The ATM does not accept deposits and dispenses only $10 and $20 bills.