Personal Drawing Account (PDA)


The Personal Drawing Account (PDA) is an optional way to provide your child with spending money during camp. Upon acceptance to camp, the Business Office will create a Personal Drawing Account (PDA) for your child. Accounts will be available to begin accepting deposits by May 1. Specific deposit instructions are provided below based on the deposit type you choose. Campers will use their Camper Identification Card to withdraw cash or make purchases, on-campus only, from the PDA. Campers will receive the Camper ID card during registration.

Click here to watch an instructional video on how to set up your PDA account.

PDA funds can be used to withdraw cash or make purchases at the Snackbar or Campus Store throughout camp. All Uniform purchases, after the first week of camp, must be made with PDA funds.
Please do not include the required Uniform Deposit with PDA funds. (See Uniform Deposits) Other uses of PDA funds are various class/unit activities, rank and textbooks. Please refer to the Course Catalog to view classes that require an additional fee. Additional funds can be deposited throughout camp.
Online access to the PDA throughout camp, allows you to review the balance or transaction activity and deposit additional funds.

Suggested PDA Funds
Woodcraft Camp: $200
Upper School: $350
Upper School Students ONLY
Upper School students may bring a credit/debit card to use in place of PDA funds. Credit/debit cards are accepted on-campus at the Campus Store, the Lay Center Snack Bar and Uniform Department. An ATM is also available in the lower level of the Lay Dining Center for cash withdraws. ATM fees may apply.
Making a PDA Deposit

1. Check- Please send a check drawn on a U.S. bank, written in U.S. dollars and clearly marked PDA with the camper’s ID number to the following address:
Culver Educational Foundation
1300 Academy Road, #159
Culver, IN 46511
2. Credit Cards- select the proper country, be sure the address entered matches the cardholder’s address on record with the bank issuing the credit card. Countries with controlled currencies may not be able to complete credit card deposits.
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Reload button
  3. Gift Card Number=Camper 6- digit ID
  4. Gift Card Security Code – Skip this field
  5. In the third field, enter the code shown above. 
  6. Gift Amount=Amount you wish to deposit
3. Wire Transfer- Please access flywire at and the instructions will lead you through setting up an account or logging into your existing account and wiring the funds to the PDA.

Check PDA Balance/Reviewing Activity
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Check Balance button
  3. Gift Card Number = Camper 6-digit ID 
When reviewing the PDA activity, please refer to the following charge codes to determine the type of transaction:

9872 = Campus Store
9873 = Uniform
8037 = Cashier (Withdraws)
9870 or 34576 = Snack bar
81591 = Deposit

Withdrawing Cash

Campers may withdraw cash during lunch breaks Monday-Friday from the cashier office. (camper ID card is required for withdraw)

1. Woodcraft Camp Cashier located in the Parents Lounge 12:15 -1:45 pm ($10.00/daily limit)
2. Upper School Cashier located in the southeast corner of the dining hall 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

End of Camp

The Business Office will withdraw funds, during the last week of camp, for Woodcraft campers flying home. These funds are given to the camper as they depart camp. Withdraws are based on the following guidelines:

International-up to $300
Domestic-up to $100
Upper School students may withdraw funds as they wish.
Parents picking their campers up from camp, may withdraw remaining funds by visiting the cashier.
Funds remaining in the PDA at the end of camp will be transferred to the SMART Account and credits in the SMART Account will then be refunded within 30 days after the end of camp.
PDA Questions

Please direct all PDA related questions to the Business Office, 574-842-8229 or The Business Office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EDT.