Sheets and pillowcases are included in your campers’ boarding experience at no cost to you.
Please do not send your camper with sheets or pillowcases this summer. During the registration process, campers will receive four sheets and two pillowcases.  At the end of camp, campers must return all sheets and pillowcases to their counselor.  Campers who do not turn in these items may be charged.

Camp Preparation Labeling

1. Item Marking
  • It is important that each item brought from home have your child’s name clearly written in permanent ink (think Sharpie or laundry pen (Rub-a-Dub) – not ballpoint pen).

  • The best places for markings are on the inside of the collar or waistband.

  • Campers should include their camper ID number along with their name.

  •  Items you receive at registration will be marked by Culver for your child before the item leaves the Uniform Department. Exceptions include belts and shoes.

Parents and campers must understand that all garments sent to the Culver laundry will be marked by Culver using a 400-degree heat seal label. Culver’s uniforms accept this label without damage; however, non-uniform items can (and often do) melt.  For this reason, Culver does not accept any responsibility damage to non-uniform items sent to the laundry for cleaning. Please do not mark clothing items from home with iron on labels.  These labels are not commercial grade, and they will come off during our laundry operations – resulting in your child’s clothing being unidentifiable and non-returnable to your camper.

2. Items brought from home and labeled with another person’s name (sibling, friend, other)
  • New and returning campers bringing previously owned uniform items may bring them to Registration for relabeling. There will be a specific table at Registration to drop off items for relabeling.  Please ensure the items are clean when you drop them off and bring a list of items with quantities that you will be dropping off.

  • Relabeling previously-used uniforms is a time-consuming process, and on Registration Day the Uniform Department is set up to issue and label new uniforms under a very specific process.  The quantity of accepted items to be relabeled is limited to the number of required items for camp. See uniform packing list for the number of items.
New and returning campers should report to the Culver Multi-Purpose Building on the day of Registration and follow the directions provided.

Campers will receive two uniform bags: an “immediate bag” and an “ASAP bag.”

Immediate bag: this bag will contain the exact items and quantities that each camper needs for the first day or two. The purpose behind the “immediate bag” is to get every camper doing what they came to Culver to do (CAMP!) as quickly as possible. Items for the “immediate” bag will be marked immediately, and campers will walk out of the Uniform Department with their “immediate bag” in hand.

ASAP bag: this bag contains everything else that did not go into the “immediate bag” and will be delivered to campers at their cabin or dorm.

When notified, parents/campers may proceed to the Uniform Department, check over their order, make payments as necessary, and receive “immediate bag” items.

How to Pay the Uniform Deposit
  1. Please log in to your Culver Summer Camp Parent Portal at From there you will navigate to the Parent Resource Board and click on the Smart Tuition tile. That will redirect to your Smart Tuition Account.
  2. Log in to your Smart Tuition account.   
  3. Select the Purchase Optional Items tab. 
  4. Select the appropriate camper, then click on the uniform deposit based on camp and gender.
  5. Review the totals.
  6. Click on Pay Now to select your payment method using a Credit/Debit card or checking, or savings account.
Click here to watch an instructional video on how to pay the uniform deposit.

Please select the school your child is enrolled in to view the uniform and packing list: