Items with prices listed below may either be purchased on campus at the Campus Store, Uniform Department or be brought from home.  Approximate prices are listed and are subject to change. New Woodcrafters are required to pay a Uniform Deposit, which is an estimate of the expenses each new camper will encounter for uniforms.  All campers, new or returning will need the following items. Uniforms are purchased on registration day.

Shipping Luggage before Camp
To make traveling easier for your child, you may consider shipping luggage to Culver at the address above prior to camp. This may be done via UPS or other private carriers, but must be received by Culver after June 15. Campers may ship or carry their luggage home at the end of camp. Culver will not be responsible for shipping luggage home for campers.
Any additional luggage fees will be charged to the camper's tuition account.

Please print your camper's complete name and Culver's address on all pieces of luggage as follows:
Camper's Name
Woodcraft Camp <or> Upper Schools
1300 Academy Road
Culver, IN 46511