Items with prices listed below may either be purchased on campus at the Campus Store, Uniform Department or be brought from home.  Approximate prices are listed and are subject to change. Money must be deposited into the Personal Drawing Account before purchases can be made at the Eagle Outpost (Woodcraft store). New Woodcrafters are required to pay a Uniform Deposit, which is an estimate of the expenses each new camper will encounter for uniforms.  All campers, new or returning will need the following items. Uniforms are purchased on registration day.

New Families: These items are required of all new campers. Please note that the Uniform Deposit is an estimated cost. 
Returning Families: Use the tables below as a checklist and inventory items your child has from previous summers. Mark what needs to be purchased when you arrive on campus. If your child is arriving alone, be sure your child has this list of items in his/her pocket for when he/she goes through registration. This will eliminate purchasing items you already have purchased – both in uniforms and linens. Keep in mind, if changing from Butterflies to Cardinals you will need to purchase the unit T-shirts.

Items to Purchase at Culver

Quantity     Item
(2)             Canvas Laundry Bags- must buy at Culver; $7.50 each
(2)             Mesh Bags- must buy at Culver; $7.00 each
(1)             Summer Kilt- must buy at Culver; $35.00 each
(2)             Dress Shorts- must buy at Culver; navy; $29.99 each
(1)             Rain Jacket- must buy at Culver; $41.00 each
(10)           Athletic Shorts- must buy at Culver; grey; $15.00 each
(10)           Division/Wing T-Shirts- must buy at Culver; unit color; $8.00 each
(2)             Polo Collar Knit Shirts- must buy at Culver; blue; $15.00 each
(1)             Dress Sash- must buy at Culver; $25.00 each
(2)             Short Sleeve Blouses- must buy at Culver; white; $19.00 each
(4)             Knee socks- must buy at Culver; navy; $4.50 per pair 
(2)             Sweatshirt and Sweatpants- must buy at Culver; red; Sweatshirts are $24.99 each; Sweatpants are $20.00 each
(1)             Sports Helmet- must buy at Culver; $49.99 if required to purchase separately.

Packing List 
These items are typically brought from home. Items listed with a price are available for purchase at Culver Campus Store or Culver Uniform Department. Items with no price must be sent from home.
All articles brought from home must be plainly marked with the camper’s name and camper ID number.  This should be done with a permanent marker.  The Uniform Department will heat-seal name tags for clothing or personal items brought from home as long as the items do not contain Lycra or Spandex.  The Uniform Department will not be responsible for damage to items containing Lycra or Spandex while heat-sealing. 

Reminder: Culver will provide sheets and pillowcases for campers.
Quantity       Item
(1)               100 Disposable Face Masks (example)
(2)               Stadium Blankets**-thin, single-sized, $29.99 each
(1)               Pillow- $9.00 each
(6)               Towels- $7.99 each
(4)               Washcloths- $1.25 each         
(1)               Sandals (for shower) -$2.00 pair
(1)               Aqua socks (water shoes for lake)- $15.00 per pair
(1)               Lockbox w/ key- $22.99 each
(1)               Shin guards- $4.99 per pair
(12)             Crew socks white- $2.25 per pair
(2)               Athletic shoes- must bring from home            
(1)               Dress Shoes- may bring from home; non-patent, non-shiny, black leather, tie-oxford, loafer or Mary Jane style with flat, dark composition sole- a limited supply of black Sperry loafers are available for purchase in the Uniform Department for $85.00 per pair
(3)               Pajamas/nightshirts- must bring from home 
(1)               Bathrobe/Cover-up- must bring from home    
(12)             Underwear/Bras- must bring from home                      
(2)               Swimsuits- must bring from home; one piece
(1)               Water bottle- prices vary
Toilet articles (various)- prices vary
** Beds are 74"x42" (standard twin)

Other Optional Items
  • Ping pong paddle and balls
  • Softball mitt
  • Musical instruments
  • Ice skates
  • Tennis racquets
  • Baseball bats
  • Golf clubs
  • Disposable cameras
  • Fishing equipment
  • Watch
  • Books
  • Flashlight
  • Bug spray (highly recommended)
  • Sunscreen (highly recommended)
  • Container to take toiletry items to and from the showers
  • Journal
  • Baseball cap or another type of hat
  • Nail clippers   
  • Rubber Riding Boots- $45.00 if purchased at Culver
  • Breeches- $45.00 if purchased at Culver
  • Riding Helmet- $35.00 if purchased at Culver
*Many of these optional items are available for purchase in the Woodcraft Eagle Outpost store. 
Items to be Left at Home 
Civilian clothes, skateboards, iPods/iPhones/iPads (or the like), e-readers (Kindle or Nook), gaming systems, bicycles, vehicles, roller blades, stereos, barbells and weights, laptop computers, TVs, weapons, fireworks, pets, hot plates, food, beverages or similar articles.  Alcohol and drugs are absolutely not permitted. Campers who are in possession of alcohol or drugs are subject to immediate dismissal.

Shipping Luggage before Camp
To make traveling easier for your child, you may consider shipping luggage to Culver at the address above prior to camp. This may be done via UPS or other private carriers, but must be received by Culver after June 17. Campers may ship or carry their luggage home at the end of camp. Culver will not be responsible for shipping luggage home for campers.
Any additional luggage fees will be charged to the camper's tuition account.

Please print your camper's complete name and Culver's address on all pieces of luggage as follows:
Camper's Name
Woodcraft Camp <or> Upper Schools
1300 Academy Road
Culver, IN 46511