Campers are allowed to leave campus with parent-authorized supervision during the pre-established permit times. Permit times are listed below. All times are listed in Eastern Daylight Savings time (remember that Culver is one hour ahead of Chicago). Culver respectfully asks that parents understand and abide by the no-permit restriction during the first two weeks of camp.

Signing Your Camper Out on Permit

If a camper is going on permit, he/she must be signed out at his/her Unit Headquarters (Woodcraft) or Senior Counselor's office (Upper School). During camp, your child will not be allowed to leave campus with anyone but his/her parents/guardians unless you specify differently on the permit form. You have the option of taking your child's friends on permit, if they have proper authorization.

Permit Guidelines
  • It is imperative that our campers are well fed and properly hydrated during permit time. Please refrain from greasy foods and soft drinks.

  • Campers may swim, sail, or participate in any boating or water activity only when under the immediate supervision of their own parents/guardians.

  • Campers must leave and return in their full dress uniform. Campers are expected to remain in uniform while they are on permit. They must be supervised the entire time while on permit and must be returned to their units promptly at the end of permit time.

What to Do on Permits

While off-campus with your child, you may consider some of the options below. A few days before each Permit weekend, you will receive an email with specific activities happening at Culver with times and locations.

• Enjoy the town of Culver's Lake Fest festivities
• Explore the Culver Museum in town
• Dine at one of the great restaurants in the town of Culver
• Visit Plymouth – about 15 miles north of Culver – for movies, bowling, restaurants, Wal-Mart, and other stores.
• Visit South Bend/Mishawaka – about 40 miles north of Culver – for a larger selection of stores and restaurants.